Action Has No Season is business philosophy for the 21st century, a breakthrough in thinking about how an individual controls their success or failure.

Michael V. Roberts, a self-made multi-millionaire, is a highly sought after public speaker and lecturer.  Among his more acclaimed appearances are: The Harvard Business School AASU, St. Louis University School of Business, Morehouse College, The National Minority Supply and Purchasing Council, and The Lawyers Association. The popularity and inspiration of his speeches given to a variety of associations, fraternal organizations, schools and private company employee groups throughout the United States, England, China and The Bahamas, led to the publication of his first book.  Readers everywhere can learn from his philosophy of attaining wealth and authority.

How do you Shape Your Vision?

Do you know how to Master Your Emotions?

What is your Picture Of Self?

These are just a few of the chapters that will teach you how to change your normal, perhaps dysfunctional life, into one where you control your destiny.  According to Mr. Roberts, ¡Destiny does not come to you automatically, it takes Action.  Destiny is not to be expected, it is to be earned.¡

Many people have marveled at Mr. Roberts¡¯ ascent to wealth and authority.  Few understand how his philosophy of life created his success, until the publication of this book.  In it you will learn how to throw off the shackles of traditional thinking and take Action to achieve your highest goals in life.  Mr. Roberts will teach you how to reformulate your thinking about the world of work and business.   Once you¡¯ve achieved this milestone, he will teach you how taking Action will change your life forever. The principles taught in this book inform us that the personal and business relationships you develop are relevant, important and may well become the source of your destiny.

 Mr. Roberts¡¯ has coined the term Actionaire. It is described in this book as one who takes Action with confidence, authenticity and bravado.  The Actionaire is a conqueror of business deals, emerging opportunities and human relationships.   This book details the philosophy you should adopt to be a winner, while remaining forever vigilant of the distractions and seductions presented by others. Mr. Roberts makes you re-evaluate your personal relationships with people and helps you put them in perspective with your goals, stating that, ¡A leech is someone who is fascinated in what you have earned but a cohort is engrossed in what you have learned 

Extremely successful people rarely provide the insight found in this astonishing book.  Once read, it will become your own personal lifestyle Bible.  You will read it again and again, always learning, always growing and always taking Action. 


So why did I write this book?  I wrote this book for my four children: Michael Jr., Jeanne, Fallon, and Meaghan.  After having built a reasonable amount of wealth, I watched my offspring leave for college and law school with hopes of fulfilling their matriculation goals.  Once they left for college, I realized that advanced degrees were not enough. In order to ensure their success in this ever-changing global business world, they would need the advice and counsel of a visionary capitalist such as me. 

            This book will give them a level of guidance that was not taught in school.  These hard-core realities are seldom discussed, but they are always on stage in the real world.

            These are the secrets of success.  It all starts with becoming more enlightened.  I adore wisdom and deplore ignorance.  Ignorance produces constant failure in businesses.  I love to observe uncommon progress and miraculous successes through the utilization of wisdom. It invigorates me to observe those people whom I lecture reach for the key of wisdom and unlock the door of exceptional success in their lives.

            A very small key will unlock the door to enormous riches.  Small changes in your life can create great futures.  There are laws and principles that govern one¡¯s life. Discovering those laws can instantly and radically change the course of your business and life. 

            During my college and law school years, I read some powerful books that discussed the possible results of Action and existentialism when implemented in a person¡¯s life.  After applying my interpretation to these readings, I began to live and breathe these concepts, which lead to the increase of my energy and vigor.  The result was the formation of a powerful force that enabled me to compel my future into existence. 

            If you allow yourself to recognize this powerful, undiscovered secret of life, you will realize that this revelation has always been inside of you.  It¡¯s your inner voice calling for Action.

            Nevertheless, did I really know how to respond to it?

            I was always a sharp-eyed, vigilant person.  I read and dissected everyone close to me.  I paid attention to every business discussion with complete focus, but that declamatory question persisted. What was this inner voice saying and how should I act upon it?

            After several years of executing business deals in the traditional method of submitting well-written business plans, I still did not listen to my inner voice or my instincts that were diverting me to a different plan of Action. 

I discovered it!   I instantly understood the importance of Action combined with wisdom.  I knew why the successful were flourishing. I understood why people around me were failing.   I also knew the mindset of the conquering and exceptionally triumphant businessperson.

            As I reviewed my experiences in business and life, I determined that:

¡        An Experience recognized becomes celebrated

¡        An Experience celebrated becomes rewarded

¡        An Experience rewarded eventually lives throughout your life.

The lessons and philosophy in this book are the highly sought after, missing links to a meaningful existence. It will center your focus and create magnetism around you. It will cause those people in strategic places to pursue you professionally and personally as they continue to grow and develop.

You are the architect of your life.  You are the inventor of your destiny.  Just as Michelangelo could take a piece of stone, chip away the non-essential pieces and produce ¡David¡, you too can chip away the status quo traditions attempting to restrict you from achieving, and manifest your vision into your destiny through Action. 

Sharing this information will guide you in the direction of momentous success. This book will motivate you to change from a life of hardship to one of affluence. It will answer the questions masked within you, while unleashing more enthusiasm than you have ever known!

            I pass on this legacy to my children and to the future leaders of humankind. I offer them the keys to unlock the hidden potential that is within all seekers of wealth and authority.

It is now in your hands!

Take Action!

The possibilities are endless!

I wrote this book for you.

Michael V. Roberts



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